2023-2024 Lectures

2023-2024 Lecture Series

In person attendance takes place in the Lecture Hall of NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts     (1 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075) and will be limited to 74 guests. A reception follows. Please note: to bring ourselves into conformity with alcohol licensing laws as they pertain to NYU, we are no longer serving wine. All of our lectures will be hybrid (both in-person and real time Zoom). We require advanced registration for both virtual and  in-person presentations. Please reserve your place by clicking the “more information” links below. Registration links are posted just as soon as they are made available (if you don’t see it, please check back with us).

Thursday September 7, 2023    6:00 PM  HYBRID    (more info)                                                  The Andean Khipu in Context with other Knotted String Traditions of the Americas                                                                                                                                          JEFFREY C. SPLITSTOSER, Assistant Research Professor of Anthropology,                George Washington University and Vice President of the Boundary End Archaeology Research Center

Monday October 2, 2023   6:00 PM   HYBRID  (more info)                                              Trouble in Paradise: History and Disaster at the Ceremonial Center of Tibes, Puerto Rico                                                                                                                                   L. ANTONIO CURET, Curator, National Museum of the American Indian

Monday, November 6, 2023  6:00 PM   HYBRID  (more info)                                         Pottery as Ritual Tech in the Ancient Andes:                                                                 A Revisionary Study of Wari Faceneck Vessels                                                          ANDREA VÁZQUEZ DE ARTHUR, Assistant Professor of Art History,                          Fashion Institute of Technology

Monday February 5, 2024  6:00 PM    HYBRID  (more info)                      De/Materializing Self: Nahua Precious Insignia and the Experiential Body ALLISON CAPLAN, Assistant Professor in the History of Art, Yale University

Monday March 11, 2024   6:00 PM     HYBRID  (more info)                                        Lowland Empire: Rethinking the Inca Presence in Western Amazonia  DARRYL WILKINSON, Assistant Professor of Religion, Dartmouth College

Thursday April 25, 2024  6:00    HYBRID  (more info)                                                  Coloring the Script of Teotihuacan                                                                           JAVIER URCID, Professor in Anthropology and Jane’s Chair in Latin American Studies, Brandeis University