Formed in 2014, the Pre-Columbian Society of New York (PCSNY) provides a platform for archaeologists, art historians, and other scholars studying ancient American cultures to share their insights and work with fellow academics and professionals in the New York area. Additionally, the PCSNY endeavors to promote an increased awareness of Indigenous cultures among students and those who possess a strong avocational interest in the field.

With numerous world-class universities, outstanding museums, and other fine cultural institutions, the region surrounding New York City represents a critical nexus in which scholars, professionals, and students can engage in the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to the study of the ancient Americas. In particular the PCSNY will benefit from the city’s ability to attract major exhibitions, professional conferences, and unique cultural happenings.

Our regular lecture series features both emerging and internationally renowned scholars presenting on topics related to their most recent areas of research.

Additionally, our website will serve as a clearinghouse for regional talks, exhibitions, and events related to the field of Pre-Columbian studies, as well as a platform for ongoing discussions related to ideas presented at the lectures or other topics of interest to members.

Contact us at info(at)pcsny(dot)org.


  • Cherra Wyllie–President
  • Lois Martin–Vice President
  • Tim King–Treasurer
  • Lizzette Soto–Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Barbara Applegate
  • Monica Barnes
  • William Gassaway (former PCSNY president)
  • Amanda Guzman
  • Timothy King
  • Lois Martin
  • Lizzette Soto
  • Lawrence Waldron
  • Cherra Wyllie (Board Chair)

Executive Committee (coordinators and committee heads)

  • Monica Barnes–venues
  • Amanda Guzman–special events
  • Tim King–financial affairs
  • Lois Martin–programming
  • Lizzette Soto–membership
  • Lawrence Waldon–publicity and social media
  • Cherra Wyllie–operations coordinator

Advisory Board

  • Georgia de Havenon
  • Stacy Goodman
  • Barbara Mundy
  • Timothy Pugh
  • Lisa Trever