Save the (Maya) Date – A Workshop and Lecture on the Correlation Problem

Union Theological Seminary 3041 Broadway (at 121st St.), New York, NY, United States

Dr. Geraldine Patrick Encina (Scholar-in-Residence, Union Theological Seminary) Mesoamerican timekeeping has long engrossed scholars, and a central point of interest in this field has been the correlation of indigenous and European calendars. With regard to the Maya Long Count, the … Continue reading

PCSNY September 13 Lecture- Jesper Nielsen

Institute of Fine Arts–NYU 1 East 78th Street, New York, New York

Connecting the Dots: Teotihuacan's Imperial Presence in Early Classic Mesoamerica, c A.D. 350-550 Jesper Nielsen  Associate Professor and Head of Studies, Department of Cross Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen One of the striding Teotihuacan warriors represented in the … Continue reading