Exhibition curated by PCSNY member Lois Martin

Shelley Jordon, Red Sea Turtle (Hand-painted animation still, 2017)

Site-specific installation in the Ildiko Butler Gallery
Academic Year: 2018–2019
Dates: September 15–October 31, 2018
Title: Still Streaming
Visual Artist: Shelley Jordon
Sound Artist/Composer: Kurt Rohde
Curator: Lois Martin

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Still Streaming features works on paper alongside hand-painted animations by visual artist Shelley Jordon. The still and moving pictures complement each other, for while the videos provide a glimpse into Jordon’s memory and imagination, the paintings reveal the physical poetry of her surfaces and strokes. Musician Kurt Rohde has composed original scores to accompany the animations. Rohde’s beautiful and bracing soundtracks parallel Jordon’s visual compositions in feel and form, for they both combine naturalistic effects with passages of sheer abstraction. Still Streaming explores watery themes, including swimming, drowning, and dreams.

Both collaborators are teaching artists with distinguished resumes: Jordon (http://shelleyjordon.com) is a Professor of Art at Oregon State University; Rohde (http://kurtrohde.com) is a Professor of Composition and Theory in the Music Department at the University of California at Davis. Curator Lois Martin is an Adjunct Professor in Visual Arts at Fordham University.

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